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Don't Delay (Digital Assets Edition)-Start your Estate Plan Today!

If you are young (I am 46 and still feel young), you may be delaying your estate plan because you feel invincible and estate plans are for people much older than you. Commit to break out of this thinking. An estate plan is important for everyone and the steps are straight forward. We can help you start an estate plan and put you on solid foundation.

Assets that people of our generation and younger often overlook are “digital assets.” This would include your social media accounts, pictures and passwords to bank and investment accounts. At a minimum, you should make a secure list of user names and passwords that if you die your family and estate administrators can use to access your accounts. I have had a good experience with Evernote as a solid way to keep passwords secure and in one place.

Even if the actuarial tables suggests that you will live for many more years, I have had two very good friends pass away before their time. It can happen to you and a little planning and forethought will go a long way for those you leave behind.

The experienced estate planning attorneys at the Iowa law firm of Whitaker Hagenow & Gustoff can help you plan your estate in a cost-effective way, and help you make plans not only for when you are gone, but if you are still here but can no longer advocate for yourself. Call or email us today for an initial consultation.

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